Updated Thursday 26 September 2019

The Quiz League

The Stockport Quiz League started in 1984 and currently has fourteen teams playing in two

league divisions.  Matches are played on Thursday evenings.  The season runs from September

to May and has four main competitions:


·         League Division A

·         League Division B

·         The Cup

·         The Plate


At the end of the season the bottom two teams in Division A are relegated, with their places taken

by the top two teams in the B Division, although this is dependent on the total number of teams

across the two divisions.


The knockout competitions (Cup and Plate) run on selected dates throughout the season and use

a slightly different format to league matches.  The Plate is a repêchage competition for first-round

losers in the Cup.  In both the Cup and Plate teams are handicapped according to their average

score in league matches.


Three additional competitions are held in conjunction with the Withington Quiz League: The WIST

Trophy is a friendly curtain-raiser to the new quiz season, played in September between

representative teams from the two leagues.  The WIST Champions Cup is for teams that finish in

the top four of their league.  A 'second tier' competition, the Lowly Grail, has the same format as

the WIST Champions Cup and is contested by teams that finished the previous season in league

places 5 to 8.


A Christmas table quiz is held in December and at the end of the season there is a table quiz

followed by presentation of trophies.  Both these table quizzes are handicapped and guest teams

are welcome (but not eligible to win trophies).


Each team pays an annual subscription fee (£40 in 2019–20) to cover administrative costs.


A pre-season AGM and registration meeting takes place every September.


The League covers the whole of the Stockport area, with some teams playing close to the town

centre whilst others are to be found further afield in places such as Marple, Gatley and Dukinfield.

The Quiz

Matches take place on Thursdays, starting at 8.45 pm and typically finishing around 10.30 pm.  

Teams have a maximum of six players and the home team must also provide someone to ask the

questions (the ‘QM’).  Pubs should set aside a room or quieter area for the quiz.  After the quiz it’s

customary for the home team to provide food, usually sandwiches.  In the league competitions

each team plays every other team in the same league division three times.  The questions for

each week’s matches are set by a team without a fixture on that date.


Each quiz has four rounds.  All questions are answered collectively as a team; there are no

individual questions.  Teams must answer within a thirty-second time limit.


Round 1 consists of thirty questions which are asked to either team alternately and answered

verbally.  Teams score two points for a correct answer to their own question.  If a team fails to

answer, the question is asked to the other team, who may score one point for a correct answer.

The questions are paired, so both teams should get a question of similar difficulty on the same



Round 2 consists of ten questions, for which both teams provide written answers.  If both teams

answer correctly they score one point each, if only one of the teams gets a question right they

score two points.  At the end of Round 2 there is a half-time ‘comfort break’ of around ten minutes.


Rounds 3 and 4 use the same format as Rounds 1 and 2.


Spare questions may be used to replace any questions that are illegible or obviously incorrect, if

agreed by both teams.


An additional format for league matches was introduced for the 2019–2020 season.  Known as

‘inter-divisional matches’, these games see each team play once against every team in the other

league division (i.e. an A Division team will play all the teams in the B Division).  These matches

use questions of a different format to ‘normal’ league matches.  The questions are not paired and

are asked sequentially, so it is essential that the setters distribute the questions carefully

throughout the paper to ensure a fair and even balance of difficulty and subjects.


The knockout competitions follow a similar format to ‘normal’ league matches, with one significant

difference: the questions in Rounds 1 and 3 are not paired and teams pick questions at random.

Past questions can be found on the homepage and the complete rules for the league are here.


If you would like to join the league please get in touch with any member of the committee.



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