Updated Friday 22 September 2023

Why you may wish to contest the result of a quiz

Although every effort should be made to avoid them, errors and omissions will sometimes be made

by question setters.  Occasionally a team will provide an answer which is correct, but is not the

answer on the question paper.  This does not necessarily mean the answer on the question paper is

wrong: a question may have more than one correct answer.  There is also the rarer example of a

team scoring points for an incorrect answer, as it is the answer given on the question paper.  Usually

both teams will recognise any mistake and replace the question with a spare.  If a team believes its

answer is correct and does not wish to use a spare and the question has a bearing on the result

of the quiz, they may contest the result.  With the ubiquity of internet-enabled mobile phones it

should be possible to settle almost every dispute on the night; an appeal should only be required in

the most complex of cases.


How to contest the result of a quiz

At the quiz

Your intention to contest the validity of a question and/or answer must be stated at the time that the

question is asked/answered, not ‘revisited’ at the end of the match.  A note should be made by the

question master alongside the relevant question.  After the match ensure that your opponents are

aware of your intention to contest the result and get a contact e-mail address from them.  E-mail

addresses can also be found on the relevant team’s contact details page.

After the quiz

Your appeal should be sent to and copied to your opponents, allowing

them the opportunity to submit their views/comments.  Email contact details for all teams can be

found on the quiz league website.



Your e-mail must include:

  • date of quiz and opponents
  • match result
  • number and exact wording of the contested question
  • the exact answer you gave (and that given by your opponents if relevant)
  • reason(s) why you believe the points scored should be amended


An appeal must be received by 9 a.m. on the Tuesday following the quiz.  Failure to comply with

these requirements will result in an appeal being automatically rejected.  Teams should read and

comply with these guidelines before submitting an appeal.


The decision of the committee

The committee may contact either team for further clarification before adjudicating.  The decision will

be e-mailed to both teams before it is published on the website.  The committee’s decision is final

and teams have no further right of appeal.


When not to appeal

Processing an appeal takes time and effort; please don’t contest a question or answer if it doesn’t

affect the result (i.e. who won and who lost).  The committee will not waste time on an appeal that

may result in a team losing by 18 points instead of 20.  If you know your opponents are correct in

contesting an answer, please apply some common sense: don’t hope to ‘get away with it’ when they

appeal.  A seldom-used facility already exists to question publicly the accuracy of a question/answer

without using the appeal process: teams may submit comments by email (marked ‘for publication’)

and they will be added to the website.



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