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Updated Friday 22 October 2021



We’re back!

NEW (updated 22 October 2021)

Last night saw the first matches of the new season. It was barely noticeable that Smart Alex’s excellent question paper was over eighteen

months old. Feedback from participants, and a very respectable average score of 55.0, suggest that teams rather enjoyed the long-awaited

return to ‘normal’ quizzing.


Teams setting questions are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that a question paper reaches each of the four venues by the

Tuesday of the week of the quiz. Please note that the team formerly known as the Flying Coach now play at The Anchor, which (obviously) is

where the questions should be left for their home games. Last night’s questions included two sets of eight score sheets - one set for either

team. Setters should include one of these score sheets with each question paper that they deliver.


We are still looking for a volunteer to set the Christmas Quiz, which will take place on Thursday 16 December; please get in touch if you

would like to offer your services.


First matches next week

(updated 15 October 2021)

The new season is almost upon us, with the first matches taking place next Thursday (21 October).


Teams should be aware of a change of venue for this season: the team previously known as the Flying Coach have moved home and will now

be based at (and known as) The Anchor - which is about 150 yards along the A6 towards Stockport town centre from their previous venue.


The proposed quiz league WhatsApp group is a non-starter following a characteristically apathetic response: only two teams expressed an

interest or could be bothered to reply.


We are looking for a volunteer to set the Christmas Quiz, which will take place on Thursday 16 December.

Please get in touch if you would like to offer your services.


New Season and AGM Decisions

(updated 27 September 2021)

At the AGM/Registration meeting on 23 September it was agreed that the new league season will start on Thursday 21 October, with nine

teams taking part: Alexandra, Flying Coach, Railway, Sun & Castle, Tiviot, Wandering Star, Railway Fliers, Horse & Farrier and HMRUFC.

A further four teams are on sabbatical for at least the next twelve months: Smart Alex, Travellers Call, Tame Valley, Fingerpost.

We have heard nothing from the Little Horse & Farrier and they are currently missing in action.

There will be some changes of team name and/or venue – teams affected are requested to confirm these changes ASAP.

At least two teams (Railway and Wandering Star) are actively looking for new players; please get in touch if you would like to join a team for

the 2020-21 season.


Financial matters

It was agreed that teams will not pay a subscription fee for the new season as the building society balance is quite healthy, due in no small

part to no prize money being awarded during the unfinished 2019-20 season. It was also agreed unanimously that we will look at moving the

building society account from the Coop to the Vernon - the Coop is to convert to a bank and this would result in us incurring bank charges.

We will also increase the number of authorised signatories on the account to four from the current two.


Fixtures and question setting

The league programme will comprise eighteen weeks, with the first games on Thursday 21 October. The fixtures are here.

There should be time to complete the season even in the event of a further lockdown during the season, assuming this lasts no longer than

8 to 10 weeks. If there are no, or limited, disruptions there should also be time to play the knockout competitions over consecutive weeks

after the completion of the league programme. A decision will be taken on this in early 2022.

The Christmas Quiz will be held on Thursday 16 December.  Teams on sabbatical for 2021-22 are invited to take part in both the Christmas

Quiz and the knockout competitions. Sadly there will be no inter-league competitions with our friends from the Withington League during the

2021-22 season, although Smart Alex will contest the final of the WIST Champions Cup that was originally due to be played in April 2020; their

match against WithQuiz representatives The Albert will now take place on Wednesday 5 January 2022.


Each team will have two bye weeks and will be expected to set the questions for both these weeks. The question-setting rota is here.

Dave Badley will no longer be responsible for the delivery of question papers to venues; the team setting questions will be responsible for

ensuring that a question paper reaches each of the (four) venues by the Tuesday of the week of the quiz. For the first week of the season the

Smart Alex have kindly agreed that we can use their unused question paper from the 2019-20 season.



A discussion on how to improve communications between the league and our teams (and also between teams) has resulted in some new

approaches to how we keep in touch with each other.


We now have a Facebook group, kindly set up by Jamie of the Wandering Star.


Paul and Anton of the Sun & Castle also thought that league members might be interested in their fun quiz on Facebook which is here.


We also agreed to set up a WhatsApp group. Will each team please submit one email that includes all mobile numbers and names that they

would like to be added to the group. Group members will be identified by their first name and team name only, e.g. Charlie (Red Lion).


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